'The Leftovers' Finally Answers Some Questions

by Kayleigh Roberts

On The Leftovers scale, any episode that doesn't open with a brutal, gory stoning is a good episode. By that rule, this week's episode of The Leftovers , "Cairo," was a good episode. Actually, by pretty much all scales associated with the show, it was a good episode. And, for The Leftovers, everything played out at a downright break neck pace.

The Leftovers has, let's be honest, practically bored fans into a stupor for seven episodes now, but this week, we finally moved a little faster. In fact, we got almost as many answers as questions this week, and that's pretty incredible for this show. Here they are, broken down in Q&A form:

What's the deal with Kevin's blackouts?

Throughout the series, our leading man Kevin Garvey has been losing time. From the pilot with the dog killing episode to the question of what's been happening to his white shirts, Kevin hasn't quite seemed to know what's going on in his own life all of the time. The answer: He's Tyler Durden. Okay, not exactly, but it's very Fight Club-esque. He's been blacking out and leading Dean (AKA the prolific dog killer of Mapleton) on some violent excursions in the woods. This week, he wakes up in the woods, where he realizes that he's one half of the kidnapping duo who snatched Guilty Remnant leader Patti.

Why was Gladys killed?

She was killed because Patti decided that the Guilty Remnant needed a martyr. Yep, the GR orchestrated the whole thing. But don't worry guys – she was okay with it! She willingly submitted to being stoned to death. Sure, she begged her attackers to stop, but that was all part of her method acting. Ugh.

Could Jill get any more sullen and awful?

YES! Yes, she could. When Kevin brings Nora over for a nice family dinner, Jill fixates on that time she saw a gun in Nora's purse. This isn't really illegal or particularly damning and Nora admits freely that she used to carry a gun but doesn't have it anymore. Jill won't let it go and Nora eventually offers to let Jill search her purse. There's no gun. Not satisfied, Jill later rounds up the idiot twins to break into Nora's house and search for the gun. She finds it hidden in a board game box under Nora's son's bed. Then she goes to join the Guilty Remnant, of which her mom is now the leader. So get ready for Jill 2.0, this time with a cigarette and (hopefully) minus a speaking part.

What's up with Kevin and Aimee?

Kevin and Aimee's relationship is weird. She's Jill's BFF, but seems to 100 percent live with the Garveys. She wakes up early and make him coffee and makes bedroom eyes at him in her PJs around the house. At dinner, she doesn't seem the slightest bit jealous of Nora (Jill is the only one being weird at the meal), but that doesn't stop Jill from accusing her of sleeping with Kevin later. Aimee technically cops to the affair, but her answer is more of the hurt/"how could you possibly think that, here's how ridiculous it sounds" variety. She storms off and then moves out of Garvey HQ just before Jill goes to join the GR.

What is the Guilty Remnant planning?

It's been clear that the GR is planning something big. They broke into people's homes at Christmas to steal family photos and that was only part of the plan, after all. We now know that the plan involves Memorial Day, lots of those fake dead bodies everyone's been talking about and the clothing of the Departed from Mapleton. It is going to be SO creepy.

What happens with Patti?

This question is only asked this week, but kudos to The Leftovers for breaking form and answering it right away: When Kevin refuses to kill her and decides to just let her go and deal with the consequences of his kidnapping her, she stabs herself in the throat with a shard of glass. She needed to die and she needed the blood to be on Kevin's hands (literally, in this case).

Images: Paul Schiraldi/HBO