Where to Buy the Perfect Fall Sunglasses

If there is one thing I don't need in my life, it's another pair of huge, black designer sunglasses. In fact, I had vowed, after snatching up three new sets of shades since July, not to purchase another pair, not even under-$20 sunglasses, for the rest of 2014. That plan went into epic fail mode when I randomly and accidentally stumbled on Valley Eyewear while flipping through Instagram. Valley is an Australian brand that you need to know about if you are a sunglasses junkie like me. I justified the "need" to purchase a pair by telling myself that I collect sunglasses and there are way worse things to blow money on.

While summer may be fading into fall, the beauty of Valley's offerings, which are designed by Michael Crawley and handcrafted with Carl Zeiss lenses, is that they are perfect transitional, cool weather, and fall-appropriate shades, taking you right into and through the autumn and winter. Even though made by hand, the glasses are not outrageously priced, with most pairs clocking in at $250 and under.

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Also, the company touts its shades as softening the glare of a new day. That was all I needed to say, "I'm in. Sold."

You can easily find tons of sunglasses at the mall and for the summer, when the sun is at its hottest, and when trips to the beach are frequent, but this brand's aesthetic reminds me of everything fall. Even though the days will be cooler, your eyes (and the skin around them) still need the protection afforded by a huge pair of sunnies. The designs are incredibly fashionable and aren't simply functional; that is, they feel like more of a facial accessory than a simple protector of the eye from the bright rays of the sun.

The first pair to catch my attention? These frames, which are not just shaped like cat eyes, but more like a cat's face, without being too costume-y. Black cats are a harbinger of autumn, so this pair of Wolves is totally ripe for the fall season. Besides the unique shapes, Valley also have both leather and matte frames, as opposed to typical shiny plastic. The Wolves version comes with either a mirrored or gradient lens, but both are just as banging and beautiful.

This pair is dubbed "Demonic Child," and I can't decide whether or not I like the name or the shape more.

This round pair, christened "Scapula," reminds me of a marble countertop in a pricy home. They look expensive and chic.

"Genius Child" is a fresh take on the tortoise shell cat eye frame and will pair perfectly with a light trench. Right?

The "Marmont" is more "classic" in shape, but they are still totally edgy. I just want this pair on my face.

Images: Valley Eyewear (5)