John Oliver's Ferguson Segment On 'Last Week Tonight' Hits The Problem On the Head — VIDEO

John Oliver is excellent at taking current events and turning them into extremely palatable, shareable, passionate, funny, and relevant segments. With the recent riots following Mike Brown's death and the rise of extreme police militarization, it's only fitting that Oliver would take on the problems in Ferguson. Oliver's is one of the best explanations as to why police militarization must be put to an end, and if you had any confusion as to what's going on in Ferguson, he will clear things up for you, without a doubt.

Since Oliver's show airs only once a week, he and his team have the opportunity to take all of the information that has come in over the past seven days, combine it, and assemble a strong argument. His jokes are funny because they're so truthful: When he refers to police wearing military-donated camouflage uniforms, he says if the police wanted to blend in, they should have dressed like dollar stores. He also jokes that the police should dress for the job they have, not the job they want.

Oliver manages to shed light on some seriously ugly truths in a way few media personalities can. Plus, his segments are sharable, making them that much more important. If you're not up to date with the increasingly heightened racial tensions and militia-like police in Ferguson, watch this. If you are, watch it anyway. Share it.