What Miley's Homemade Bong Says About Her

When you think of crafting, you might think of macaroni encrusted picture frames or homemade corkboards inspired by Pinterest. If you're Miley Cyrus, you would think of making a homemade bong that's extravagantly covered in anything from flowers to beaded bracelets, naturally. But Miley's rainbow-colored bong isn't the singer's first foray into the world of crafts. As Bustle's own Georgette Eva points out, Cyrus has been making pre-school reminiscent bracelets, scrunchies, masks, and more with an alternative and NSFW twist for quite some time now. Sure, her beads may be glittery and her crafts are often embellished with teddy bears, babies, and more, but the little square beads that you used to make friendship bracelets in kindergarten are more likely to be used to spell out profanity in the hands of the singer. And she's won over quite a few devotees with her work, even inspiring some to create their own wacky fan art.

A quick look over her Instagram account shows that the young artist has been quite busy crafting over the past five months. Although I don't think I would ever purchase the kind of art Cyrus creates, she does have a consistent style throughout her work. As such, it's easy to identify what inspires her. Not only can we see mention of her dog Floyd in her homemade bong and some of her favorite things (hello "mary jane" and "drugs"!), but we can see some hints at more personal facts about her. So what does Miley's homemade bong masterpiece say about her? Here's what we learned about the singer from her latest creation.

1. She's a Jurassic Park Fan

There are many dinosaur figurines in all sorts of colors glued onto the bong, proving they're some of Cyrus' favorite accessories. The ferocity of the creatures is reminiscent of her tour antics — no mercy.

2. She really likes the color purple

The base of the bong is a metallic purple, and a lot of the glued-on accessories wrapped around and glued on to the bong are in the royal shade.

3. She likes donuts. Or Odd Future.

Odd Future is a rap group and a clothing line. The group is famous for crazy antics and blunt messages, and the clothing line has a lot of donuts involved. Maybe Cyrus just loves sugary pastries, but she's collaborated with Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator in the past, and chances are this is an ode to her friends.

4. She's in touch with nature

The bong is wrapped in large strings of flower, making it have the appearance of the perfect festival accessory — the flower crown. From bright pinks to traditional daisies, flowers are a mainstaple of the craft.

5. She gets inspiration from her fans

Cyrus reveals on Instagram that the five-foot bong's elaborate decorations are the result of not only her creative tendencies, but those of her fan friends. As she captioned her Instagram with a blunt (no pun intended) message, "5 foot bong almost complete this one is a collab with my fucking beyond kiewl fanz." Looks like she applied some of her fan-made crafts onto her latest creation. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Or, you know, the bong kind of pretty.

6. She hasn't really let go of her childhood

Cyrus may reject the Hannah Montana persona that followed her early in her career, insisting instead that she has grown up, but based on the crafting supplies that she uses, she's still very much in touch with her younger self. If kids could make a bong in 4th grade summer camp, this would most certainly be the result. Well, you know, probably without the weed.

7. She loves to be in the spotlight

This makes sense, considering she was basically raised center stage by her one-hit-wonder dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. But the flashing lights, crazy textures, and ridiculously bright colors is an indicator that Cyrus loves to be the flashy, complicated center of attention. And she's quite good at it. Even while using a bong.

8. She's got some hidden anger

Maybe it's over the world critiquing her new image. Maybe it's over the hardships she's faced in the past year (losing a fiancé and a beloved puppy can be devastating, even in the wake of worldwide success). Either way, the red flower bunches that top the bong and are featured throughout the craft appears to represent hidden aggression. After all, red is the color of blood. Ire. Anger. On second thought — nah, this all means that she just loves pot.

Images: dinosaurgifs/Tumblr; Giphy (8)