'True Blood' Star Stephen Moyer Reveals Names of Twins With Anna Paquin Just In Time for Premiere

Whoops! Accidentally on purpose, Stephen Moyer let slip the names of his twins, Poppy and Charlie, nine months after they were born. Which is cute, because babies are cute and Anna Paquin is cute, albeit in a sort of annoying way, so I bet her kids are brain-explodingly adorable. But the actor and his wife "accidentally" let the news break on the red carpet of the premiere for the new season of True Blood, the show they co-star in, and the convenience of headline news at the start of a new season just felt too neat and a little weird.

Maybe it was just a well-timed mistake, or maybe this couple is using their freaking children to pull a publicity stunt to raise viewings for their show. If it's the former, well, the jig is up, guess we know the names of your children, but if it's the latter... that's kind of gross. We'll never know either way, and we're all eagerly awaiting the first viewing of a post-pregnancy Sookie body, so let the week pass in a blur of gory trailers and juicy speculation. But if Alexander Skarsgard tries to pull this shit with Ellen Page, I'm going to just fall over dead and give up.

Image: Getty Images