This Is A Mighty Change For Derek Hale

It's super-duper official now: Derek Hale is a full-blown human being. The man who wanted so desperately for so long to be king papa werewolf is... no longer a werewolf. And it's kinda a way better deal for him. Teen Wolf 's "Perishable" was good to Derek Hale. Though this has been set up for weeks, "Perishable" made it official: Derek's name is gone from the Dead Pool. Who'd go after a plain-old human, anyway?

This is a pretty big milestone — when we met Derek, as far as we or Scott McCall knew he was the only person in Beacon Hills who knew any damn thing about werewolves or the supernatural. He'd stalk around town, staring at Scott from an uncomfortable proximity. He'd sad jog, he'd brood, he'd periodically get kidnapped and tortured. Such was the life of Derek Hale for the better part of the past four season: Frowns, desperate plays for love, and constantly getting stabbed and shot. And then we thought the worst was coming: Derek's name was on the Dead Pool, and Lydia got one of her gut feelings that usually indicate someone was gonna croak. "Are they really gonna kill off Derek Hale?" we asked ourselves. "If they do, who will take over the brooding mantle??"

Turns out that — at least so far — they're not killing Derek Hale. They've actually let him become human. His name disappeared from the Dead Pool, and they let him become a real boy, Pinnochio-style.

And already, his human life is so much better. Coming to rescue Scott and company in the high school, Derek Hale actually won a fight. It turns out he makes a way more badass human than a werewolf. Who'da thunk?

So what will the future hold for Derek Hale the Human? Will he get a mortgage? Start a family? Just bromance the hell out of life with Chris Argent, busting into fights with their mortal badassery and weaponry collection? I kinda picture him just standing near the pack, smiling sagely and rolling his eyes, doling out advice to all those whippersnappers and their were-problems. Winning fights, and just generally having much better luck.

All hail human Derek Hale. May this usher in an era of much depleted torture.

Images: MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr