What Is 'Teen Wolf's Jordan Parrish? We Won't Find Out for a While But Jeff Davis Gave a Clue

Poor Jordan Parrish. Teen Wolf's Beacon Hills deputy was put through hell in Monday night's episode "Perishable" and now has more questions about the supernatural creatures that populate his town than ever before. We've raised questions about Parrish's supernatural identity on Teen Wolf in the past. Is Parrish a Phoenix? Is he another werewolf? (Nope.) But the answer is still a mystery and could remain one for a looooong time if we're supposed to believe creator Jeff Davis' words.

First a little backstory into Parrish's epic "Perishable" moments. The episode started with a bang, or more accurately, with a fireball, as Jordan woke up strapped to his police car as his fellow police buddy Deputy Haigh doused him and the car with gasoline. Haigh revealed that he knew Parrish was on the Benefactor's dead pool and wanted to get the $5 million from Parrish's death. Parrish begged for his life and asked Haigh how he could listen to his friend dying. Haigh responded by putting in headphones. Sorry Haigh, you could be listening to Metallica cover a song from Slipknot and it still wouldn't drown out the screams of your fellow Deputy dying. Jerk. But Haigh was out of luck when it came to getting paid as Parrish returned from the blaze covered in ash but otherwise unscathed and pummeled Haigh for his attempted murder.

When the team tried to pry into Parrish's supernatural identity, he revealed something that made me want to punch the Teen Wolf writers in the mouth: He had no idea what he was or what any of the other members of the Wolf Pack are either. In fact, when the team tried to explain to Parrish about the other mysteries of Beacon Hills, he was as confused as I am when someone tries to explain trigonometry to me.

Even after seeing Parrish rise from the ashes and beat down his attacker, we still don't have the answer to what Parrish is. And it looks like the mystery won't be solved yet as showrunner Jeff Davis revealed during Teen Wolf's after show Wolf Watch that even the actor who plays Parrish, Ryan Kelley, doesn't know what he is. He also said that we don't know if Parrish is only immune to fire or if he is also immune to other dangers. Does that mean Davis doesn't plan to reveal Parrish's identity this season? Does that mean we'll have to wait for several more months before we find out this information? I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I can hold out much longer.

During Wolf Watch, the show's DJ and resident Teen Wolf fanatic Cole Plante asked Davis the question we've been wondering about for quite a while: Is Parrish a phoenix? He explained his reasoning for thinking about this theory and then the camera panned to Davis, who looked pretty damn squeamish. Perhaps Parrish's identity is phoenix. If so, don't be mad at Cole Plante, Jeff Davis. The internet came up with the theory from the first time we all saw the midseason Teen Wolf trailer. So can we hurry up and get to the reveal already? I'm dying here.

Images: MTV; lonewolfed, teenwolfconfessions/Tumblr