How Much Does The 'Below Deck' Yacht Cost? Unless You're Seriously Loaded, Think Again

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Below Deck is perfect escapist television. You get to enjoy the boat, all the beautiful scenery, and judge the charter guests for being total rubes who don't know how to appreciate Ben's fine dining. But the best part by far is how swagged out Below Deck's luxury yacht Ohana is. As we all learned from the underrated Lilo and Stitch, ohana means family, but on Below Deck, it means a dozen bedrooms, full chef's kitchen, and a hot tub.

While that tantalizing description is more than enough to sell you on that yacht, it'll be a pretty hefty chuck of change before the owners of the Ohana will sell it to you — or even let you book a charter. Seriously, with all these amenities, the price will absolutely shock you.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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