'Finding Carter's Lori & Elizabeth Have Drama Ahead, Reveals Star Cynthia Watros

Carter might think she's done with Lori, but this definitely isn't over. On last Tuesday's episode of MTV's new drama Finding Carter , David called Lori and brought her back to the forefront of the conversation, against Elizabeth's advice. Since Carter's return, Elizabeth's been trying her best to put her issues and her instincts as a cop on hold in an effort to build a relationship with her daughter. But, unfortunately, that can't last forever. Finding Carter star Cynthia Watros, who plays Elizabeth, tells Bustle that "there's definitely drama involved" when it comes to Lori and Elizabeth this season. So at least she isn't underestimating her.

"I think being a cop is very important to Elizabeth, but I think the relationship with Carter is more important," Watros says about her character's decision to put arresting Lori on hold. Clearly Carter's starting to lose the emotional ties to Lori that made it difficult for Elizabeth to bond with her in the first place, so why not take Lori out of the equation when given the chance? Has Elizabeth lost her urgency? According to Watros, absolutely not. "I don't think Elizabeth ever doesn't want to catch Lori. I think it's always there and she wants to have justice for what happened 15 years ago," she says.

Well, her daughter's kidnapper was handed to her on a platter last Tuesday, so those feelings of vengeance and justice are definitely being overruled right now by those of a mother desperate to connect with her daughter. "She loves her daughter and she wants to have a relationship with her," Watros says. "She realized that she couldn't have a relationship if she was hunting down a woman that Carter loved." It's definitely working, considering Carter decided not to run away from her real family in favor of Lori during last week's episode, and her relationship with Elizabeth only seems to be getting stronger.

But what happens when Elizabeth and Carter are finally in a good place? Or if Elizabeth encounters Lori before they can finally reach a good point in their relationship? Watros teases that Finding Carter fans might finally see the tensions between Elizabeth and Lori reach a head in the remaining episodes this season. When I ask the star whether or not Elizabeth would arrest Lori on the spot if she ever "ran into her," she replies, "That's a difficult question to answer. What I have to say is if Elizabeth and Lori are in the same sort of area together, there's definitely going to be drama."

Fans have already seen the threatening and menacing side of Lori during that phone call with David last week. And if the Wilsons underestimated her "last time," they definitely won't make that same mistake twice. So, which woman will come out on top of the situation? Again, Watros can't really say, "I can't tell you which way it's going to go, but there's definitely drama involved."

Are we really surprised? If there's one thing Finding Carter is overflowing with, it's drama.

Image: aboutfindingcarter/Tumblr