'Finding Carter's Lori & David Are Hiding Something & The Show's Stars Say It'll All Be Revealed Soon

If you thought that the drama on MTV's newest scripted drama Finding Carter was slowing down, think again. My summer TV obsession, which should be yours too, is bringing us more juicy drama, at least according to two of the show's stars. I sat down with Finding Carter stars Kathryn Prescott and Alex Saxon — better known as Carter and Max — to talk about the show's recent twists and the things that we can look forward to in upcoming episodes. "The next episode is a big birthday episode [and] the whole episode takes place in one long day," Prescott says. "Big things happen, and everyone has to make big decisions."

Prescott and Saxon also reveal that we'll learn quite a bit about two of the show's shadiest characters, Carter's dad David and kidnapper/mother Lori, and it might reveal something big about Carter's kidnapping. David has been acting particularly shady these past few episodes. We already know that David is writing a book about Carter against her wishes, and now he seems to be playing mind games with the wife he knows is cheating on him. (To be fair to David, Elizabeth isn't exactly being honest, either.) Though Prescott and Saxon couldn't say what exactly we'll find out about David, they did hint that there will be a big reveal about him this season. Could it be a connection between him and Lori?

(Never trust anyone who tosses this metaphor into casual conversation.)

We know from the promos for this week's episode, "Throw Momma From The Trash," that Carter will have to choose between running away with Lori or staying with her biological family, but Prescott makes it seem like it won't just be Carter who has to make a choice. Elizabeth promised Carter that she won't pursue Lori anymore, but if Elizabeth learns that Lori's in town, she'll have to make the tough call of whether to arrest Lori for kidnapping or let her go and keep Carter's trust.

When it comes to Lori, both Saxon and Prescott agree that Lori is acting far more erratic than we've ever seen her. Lori's strange behavior had some fans question whether the reason Lori took Carter was because she was, well, just plain crazy. According to Prescott, it's Lori's "craziness" that's pushing Carter away but in reality, Lori's behavior may have to do more with her "desperation" over losing her daughter.

Prescott hints that there's more to Carter's kidnapping story than meets the eye, and that we'll gain some insight into why Lori may have taken Carter later in the season. We may not get the full story behind Carter's kidnapping this summer — though we will learn about Lori and her possible motivations, Prescott hints that this season won't answer all of the questions about what really happened with Carter's kidnapping. That's cool with me — I'll happily watch a Season 2.

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Images: MTV; findingcarter/tumblr