James Franco Does Ice Bucket Challenge & Reveals Maze of Celebrity Connections — VIDEO

Another day, another celebrity (or person you barely remember on Facebook) pouring a bucket of cold ice water on themselves. I can't hate on it, though. It's for charity. Pour whatever the eff your want on yourself (even clam chowder!) if it's helping donations go to a good cause. If you've been on Le Internét recently, you've probably seen countless celebs take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in their own way — I'm looking at you, Lady Gaga — and the latest to put his spin on it is Mr. Multihyphenate himself. James Franco took the Ice Bucket Challenge and added a surprise twist at the end: pantlessness.

That's right. You'll come for the ice, but you'll stay for the half-nude James Franco dancing with only a small sheet of orange paper between you....'re computer screen and his manhood. It's a very short video but the most eyeopening thing about it (besides the wiggly James Franco legs at the end) is that the Ice Bucket Challenge is the new Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's created a maze of celebrity connections.

Franco was nominated for the challenge by Selena Gomez. Gomez was nominated by Taylor Swift. Swift was nominated by Lily Aldridge (model you've seen around) and Ingrid Michaelson (singer who you don't recognize, but has come on your Pandora at some point). Swift is joined in her video by Jaime King who nominates Lena Dunham, Topher Grace, and the Hart of Dixie cast, while Swift nominates Gomez, Emma Stone, and Ed Sheeran. And this goes on and on and on. And will continue to go on and on unless Franco screwed it up too bad — he nominated Zach Braff but tagged some random guy who has "ZachBraff" as his Instagram handle. Adding even more crazy to the crazy fire, they all nominate more than one person. For instance, Gomez also nominated Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne.

This makes me wonder, where did it all begin? Can it be traced back to one celebrity who jumped on the bandwagon first? Did the first A-list celebrity to do the challenge get nominated by a D-list celebrity who happens to be friends with a regular person who is now connected to Taylor Swift and James Franco? Take a look at yourself. Is it you? Did YOU inadvertently make James Franco take the Ice Bucket Challenge.


While you think about that and ponder the extent of the universe, here's the half-naked James Franco you were promised: