'Breaking Bad' for Best Drama? You Betcha

May the odds be ever in your favor! Who knew the Emmys could sound so much like The Hunger Games? OK, well, fortunately for all of us who enjoy watching television with living protagonists, the Emmys are not turning into the violent games, and your favorite actors will not be fighting to death. However, Variety spoke to the nationally syndicated gambling man, Emmy oddsmaker Benjamin Eckstein, for his picks on who is most likely to win, based on — you guessed it — the odds. His top picks are Breaking Bad for best drama, which has a 1/5 (which would be $1 for every $5 put down, if you were to actually gamble on it), and Orange Is the New Black for best comedy, which is at 3/2. If Orange Is the New Black wins, it would put an end to Modern Family's reign in that category.

In fact, Eckstein, who often gives odds for sports, has compiled a full list of Emmy odds for all of the major categories. According to these odds, there are a number of supposedly very tight races. For instance, Matthew McConaughey has the highest odds to win Best Actor in a Drama for True Detective (The McConnnaissance continues!), with 1/2 odds, with Bryan Cranston behind him at 5/2 for Breaking Bad. Rust Cohle vs. Walter White! Say whose name?

And even though Orange Is the New Black is likely to take home the big comedy prize, its leading lady may not take home an award for her work. According to Eckstein's wagers, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is likely to win Best Actress in A Comedy for Veep, with 1/10, with Taylor Schilling behind her at 5/1 for Orange Is the New Black.

You can view his full list odds over here, and you can find out who wins big when the Emmys air Aug. 25.