You'll Be Fine If They Break Up

Don't shed your tears just yet, you One Direction loving ladies, but it's okay if you wanna grab some tissues in case you feel your eyes start to water. The Daily Star reports that the reigning opinionated producer of pop music, Simon Cowell, has said that he thinks One Direction will split up in the foreseeable future, and that they will likely make about two more albums. The former American Idol judge says:

Bands don’t stay together forever. I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now.

BUT DON'T CLAW YOUR OWN FACE OFF JUST YET. If we do some math, that means two-ish years. And also, as someone who never got totally enveloped in the world of One Direction, but grew up worshipping at the Houses of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, I can tell you this: you'll be fine. Chill out. Bands don't last forever, and even though you may be saddened to learn that you might not have One Direction's new music forever and ever and ever until you can't even hear anymore, there's one thing that's worse than a band you love splitting up: a band you love making music they don't care about.

The band is getting older, too! You might not want 40-year-old One Direction singing to you about the story of their lives (which, granted, would be longer stories at that point). It's not about being ageist, but when One Direction gets older, that means you'll get older, too, and your tastes may change. Actually, they will change. Remember when you didn't like avocados? Now avocados = lifeblood. Speaking of avocados, even this girl will be okay:

Denis Doyle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

And for the record, Harry Styles isn't going solo yet — or so Cowell thinks. Cowell says:

No, I don’t think that is going to happen for a while. Eventually I am sure they all will.

And if he does, there are two viable case studies here: JC Chasez... and Justin Timberlake. Two very, very different stories. "Blowin' Me Up With Her Love," anybody?

Even if you do think that you want a 1D Man Band (Man Bands doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?) then hey, you've got a few years to prepare for this potential split. But remember: when a boy band splits up, you get to join a new sort of club — the nostalgia club. And you know nostalgia is filled with all sorts of cool things. Suddenly, your collectibles will become tres chic, and when a 1D song plays at a party, you'll be the cool, nostalgic girl. All will be fine. Trust me.