Miley Cyrus’ Ice Bucket Challenge Let’s Her Off Easy But She Makes a Good Point — VIDEO

Another day, another celebrity doing the ice bucket challenge. On deck today: Miley Cyrus. Cyrus took on the challenge, along with her brother, Braison, after being nominated by her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. And in spite of what you may expect Miley to do with the challenge — I dunno, twerk while having ice water thrown over her head? Accept the challenge while getting a tattoo? — Cyrus surprised her fans by doing something that's very unlike her. In fact, she didn't even really do the challenge at all. Instead of having ice water thrown over her head, she had rice thrown over her head — as in a "rice bucket challenge" instead of an "ice bucket challenge." Get it?

To be honest, my initial reaction with Cyrus' ice bucket challenge was, "Hey! That's a cop out!" But she kind of makes a point with the hashtags she wrote alongside the Instagram video — #makeshithappen #donate #itaintaboutthepourinitsaboutthepayinandawareness — it's more about bringing awareness to ALS and donating time and/or money than it is about dumping a giant bucket of ice cold water over your head. So, even though she got off easy, at least she took part in a great cause... right?

Image: Miley Cyrus/Instagram