Dare We Say It? This is The Best ALS Challenge

Okay, okay, I concede — it sounds like hyperbole at this point when someone (including myself) says, "this is THE BEST Ice Bucket Challenge yet!" But as the celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos keeping rolling in, they just keep getting even better. However, it's pretty likely that every video you see will be downhill after you watch The Foo Fighters' Ice Bucket Challenge Video. I mean, of course videos in the future will still be relevant and promote awareness, research, and will hopefully lead to further donations to find a cure for ALS, but this video is rather epic in nature.

Not to be outdone, Dave Grohl and his bandmates have a created three minute recreation of the famous prom scene. from Carrie The music is there. The long shots are there. And you know that bucket is a-comin'...and it when it comes...it's...ice. Here's an Internet high five to Dave Grohl for doing his best Sissy Spacek in the video.

And yes — the Foo Fighters have turned a simple social media trend into a three minute piece of Internet cinema, but they don't want you to think that they forgot why they did it in the first place — there's text throughout the entire video that says "Remember the reason. Create a world without ALS."

Enjoy watching Dave Grohl as Carrie with the knowledge that these guys are aware that it's about more than making a hilarious, viral video.