They Teamed Up for the Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has brought us a ton of celebrities pouring water on themselves, but this latest one might be the best of all. Because, God, it's good to see John Krasinski breaking the fourth wall and staring into a camera once again. The only way I ever thought we'd see him get saturated by a bucket of ice water on camera was if Rainn Wilson poured it as a prank on a reunion episode of some sort. But, as I'm sure you've noted over the past week or so, dousing yourself in ice water is all the rage, and it's for a good cause, too. It's encouraging to see John Krasinski take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge because after all, we'd all like to love him as much as we loved Jim, right?

The perfectly timed comedic moment of the video, with assistance from wife and fellow actor Emily Blunt, is too reminiscent of The Office to let it slide. You will really feel like he re-inhabits the legendary Jim Halpert for just a moment. This Ice Bucket video is one of my favorites to date. Perhaps it's the sheer marital bliss being exerted by Blunt in the way she eagerly tosses the water over his head or by the way she throws the bucket when she's done, or maybe it's in Krasinski's forethought in making a little skit out of the whole thing. Either way, joy was spread not only for the charity but for those (like me) who got to watch the whole thing do down.

If you haven't yet seen it, view the video below:

Image: Giphy