Good News, 'Finding Carter' Fans

Your new favorite show is getting a second season. If you haven't jumped on the Finding Carter train and started to discuss the theory that David is involved with Carter's kidnapping, you'd better get used to everyone you know talking about it every day. MTV's Finding Carter has been renewed for Season 2, so get ready for more super-fun froyo trips with a side of kidnapping drama. With only two episodes left of Carter Season 1, I, as an addicted fan was starting to worry about what I'd do without it — so really, the only question here is, does Finding Carter Season 2 start in two weeks?

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Carter is the top streaming series on MTV and its mobile app and that it averages around 1.25 million viewers. Which really isn't hard to believe considering there's absolutely no reason to not tune into the MTV drama on Tuesday nights. So, yes, to answer your skeptical look — everyone you know is watching it so you should really get with the times.

MTV's programming president Susanne Daniels told THR, "The creative minds behind Finding Carter did an exceptional job bringing this story to life and drawing our audience in." I mean, duh. Finding Carter, which stars Kathryn Prescott in the title role of Carter, a 17-year-old girl that finds out that the woman she believes to be her mother is actually her kidnapper that abducted her 15 years ago. Deep, tough drama with a side of fro-yo. And Daniels is as excited to see where Carter goes after the Season 1 finale on Aug. 26 as you are, the exec told THR, "I'm looking forward to another season following Carter on her journey."

Same here, girl, same here.