Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian Are Annoying Keyshawn Johnson Because… Mold?

Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian's scorn. According to TMZ, not long after moving into their new house, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick discovered mold. Actually, their decorator discovered it when they were hanging light fixtures. Kardashian, who's pregnant, understandably, was freaked out by the discovery, so she and her family fled to the safety of the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills. But this isn't simply a matter of taking care of the issue and moving on with life. Kardashian is pissed and ready to sue football player, Keyshawn Johnson, who she bought the home from, for defrauding her (she reportedly thinks he painted over the mold in a shady cover-up). Naturally, Johnson is adamant that there was never any mold in the house when he lived there, and says it probably happened when a bathroom pipe burst — something that happened after he moved.

Finding mold in your house when you've got small children (and are pregnant) is a pretty scary thought, but maybe Kardashian oughta do a little research before pointing fingers. If what she's accusing Johnson of is true, then that's messed up. But she just returned from the Hamptons with her family — how thorough of an investigation could have been conducted to prove Johnson tried to pull the wool over their eyes?

The important thing is that everyone's safely tucked away at a posh Beverly Hills hotel. It probably isn't easy for the eldest Kardashian to get any rest right now, but I'm sure some fluffy white robes and a dope pool help soften the blow a bit.

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