Amy Poehler Thinks Art Is Dead

Unless you live under a TV-free rock, you've more than likely seen a hilarious Old Navy commercial featuring funny gal Amy Poehler. The latest Old Navy ad features Amy Poehler talking modern art as the pretentious Edith Head in a hysterical, satirical form. Studying the "art work" in the exhibit, Poehler wears an all black ensemble accessorized with gold jewelry, glasses, and a snarky attitude.

She criticizes the art to a fashionably dressed woman with comments like, "This piece is aggressive. It's dangerous. It's stupid and that's why I like it." Poehler is, of course, not actually talking about the vaguely Rothkovian paintings on display in her gallery — its the woman's skinny jeans that have her all in a tither. The full commercial appearing on TV shows Poehler giving a critique of the woman's denim after when finding out the jeans start at $19 and if you try a pair on you get $5 off. She declares that the two must go shopping and leave the stupid artwork behind at once.

In the outtakes below Poehler asks the woman who the artist is behind her jeans. She replies Old Navy, Poehler talks about knowing him and says something like "he's French isn't he?" Although the outtakes show more of Poehler's art satire than Old Navy's jeans, it still kinda makes me want to go shopping. Great marketing Old Navy. This isn't the first time outtakes from Old Navy commercials prove Poehler is the Queen of Comedy, but the latest commercial might just be my favorite.