Their Ice Bucket Challenge Is Super Adorable

by Nicole Fabian-Weber

Okay, here's a good ice bucket challenge. Zoe Saldana finally addressed those pregnancy rumors that have been floating around on the Internets by taking the ice bucket challenge. Well, she didn't take the ice bucket challenge, despite being nominated, but instead enlisted her husband, Marco Perego, to get soaked in her stead. And even though Saldana's bump and pregnancy announcement were the main attraction in the video, I've gotta say, Perego, with his long hair and intriguing accent, is oddly captivating to watch.

Before Saldana has a bucket of presumably ice cold water dumped on her husband's head (there was no ice, so hard to tell), she cradles her adorable baby bump and says that "obviously" she can't accept the challenge, so Perego will have to do it for her. A seriously cute, seriously nonchalant pregnancy announcement if there ever was one. Oh, this ol' baby bump? Don't mind it. I just can't dump a massive amount of ice water on it. Anyway, moving on...

If you want to see Saldana admit that she's finally pregnant and see her zane of a husband get a bucket o' water dumped on his head then watch him jump into a pool, I've got just the thing for you. And congrats to happy couple!