Drake Offers to Help Kevin Hart Choose a Wedding Tuxedo Plus 5 Other Ways He Can Help Plan His Wedding

Gosh, I love it when a good bromance blossoms, especially when Drake is one of the bros. Being a woman automatically relegates me to Rudolph status, which means I'm not allowed to play in any bromance games. But that doesn't stop me from watching and cheering these mushy male unions on from the sidelines, and saying "Awwww," when applicable, which was my exact reaction to the idea of Drake helping Kevin Hart choose a tuxedo for his wedding day. After congratulating Hart on his recent engagement to Eniko Parrish, Drake used some hashtag creativity to let the comedian know exactly how his fashion choices fell short.

Referencing the uniquely accessorized shirt Hart wore in the Instagram photo that accompanied his proposal announcement, Drake let Hart know specifically how his attire wasn't up to par. "#KevWhatTheF--kAreYouWearing #PleaseLetsDiscussYourSuitForTheBigDay #TooImportantToRiskIt #PowderPinkLinen," he wrote beneath the photo.

Soo, Drake's already a rapper/singer/actor, awards show host, and a sports aficionado. Does he have time to add wedding planner to his resume? Of course, because...hell to the yeah! I'd hire him in a heartbeat and if Hart is smart, he'll parlay Drake's offer to help him pick out a tuxedo for the big day into full-fledged wedding day assistance. Aside from using this time to bond with Drake, there are a number of chores that Hart will need Drake's help with on his big day.

Choosing the music for the ceremony.

Preferably its one of Drake's sappiest songs. How about his first single, "Best I Ever Had"? Say it with me—Awwww!!!

Drake can help Hart write his vows.

Sure Hart's a comedian, but he could use Drake's lyrical abilities and romantic expertise to make his big day that much more special. If Drake really wants to impress everyone, he'll make sure the lyrics rhyme and are good enough to turn into a hit song.

He can show Hart how the couple's first dance should go.

Exactly, Drake. It works just like that.

Drake can plan the bachelor party.

They may not have an award for that, but I'm sure a Drake-assisted bachelor party would be one for the record books.

Drake wedding toast, anyone?

I don't know how friendly Drake is with Hart, but I would love a Drake wedding toast. It would be even better if he did it while impersonating Kevin Hart. If it's anything like Drake's Manny Pacquiao impersonation, it's bound to be a hit with the crowd.

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