Lady Gaga Releases Lyric Video for New Single 'Applause'

Two days after her newest single, "Applause," premiered early due to leaks, Lady Gaga has released the lyric video to go along with the song. The video shows the always avant-garde Gaga, wearing fascinating rainbow makeup, dance and party with drag queens at a runway show. Lyrics to the song are displayed over the footage. In the three-and-a-half minute video, there are a lot of crazy outfits, involuntary audience involvement, and a dancer dressed as Peter Pan. Compared to most of Gaga's music videos — remember this crazy one? — it's relatively tame, just a fun, carefree capture of a typical night in the life of Gaga.

"Applause" is the first single off ARTPOP, the singer's upcoming third album, set for release in November. The song, originally supposed to premiere on Aug. 19, was leaked over the weekend by hackers, but after attempts by her management to take it offline, Gaga decided to release it herself. It premiered to positive reception, with everyone from Rolling Stone to Entertainment Weekly to us at Bustle praising it for its fun lyrics and dance club-ready beat.

You can check out the video on VEVO or watch it here, below: