Their New Music Video Is Super Creepy

Nope. No thanks. Not interested. Yucky-yuck-yuck. Leather vests?! Grosssssss. Bleh. Ew. Those are basically all of the thoughts that went through my mind while watching Nick & Knight's new music video for their single "One More Time." In case you missed it, Nick & Knight — how clever — is a musical duo comprised of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter and New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight, and their collaborative single is from their soon-to-be-released self-titled album. Oh, and they're going on a 39-city tour starting on Sept. 15. Yup, that's happening.

Together, well, they make a pretty sad set of singers. Not sad as in, "Boohoo, I wish it was the '90s and everyone worshipped us," but a pathetic kind of sad. Why? Well, the song is basically about either Carter or Knight (or both of them) telling a woman that she'll never find anyone as good as him/them, but if she's actually going to leave him/them for good, can he/they "get it one more time?". Yikes. So basically they're emotionally knocking someone down until they give in and have sex with them. You go, Carter and Knight! And if you thought it couldn't get any creepier, you're so, so wrong. Enter, Nick & Knight's sleazy music video:

Don't you think the whole video is pretty creepy? (And I'm not just talking about the leather vests.) Carter is 34 years old and Knight is 44 years old. As you age, isn't your maturity supposed to grow with you? Sure, the song is catchy, but what boy band-inspired song isn't? That doesn't' mean the lyrics or the symbolism behind it are going to be up to par. With lyrics like "I know you been thinking/ You’re better off leaving/ You're never going to find another me/ You're gonna feel so stupid when you realize what you did" and "It’ll never be this good/ So let me get it one more time," paired with the images of two grown men creepily photographing models on a feather-covered bed, the video makes you want to jump into the music video and tell the women to run away from those creeps as fast as they possibly can.

I don't know, after the "Blurred Lines" controversy and everything and anything involving photographer Terry Richardson and his alleged sexual harassment of models, you'd think that Carter and Knight would err on the side of caution. But no, they've definitely got some more growing up to do.

Images: Nick & Knight/YouTube