Beyonce & Gwyneth Have Concocted a Divorce Plan

Wow, this is some serious gossip. Us Weekly is reporting that Beyonce has turned to Gwyneth Paltrow for divorce advice. Now, that piece of goss on its own isn't much to widen your eyes at, but the mag is also reporting — via an "insider source," mind you — that Beyonce would like her divorce to go down in the vein of Paltrow and Chris Martin's "conscious uncoupling." Supposedly, the couple plans to split in the fall (conveniently after their tour) in an extremely amicable manner, and, so says the source, we will see them "all lovey-dovey the day after the announcement."

A few weeks ago, tongues were set wagging after Beyonce visited Paltrow's home in Los Angeles, despite the two having been friends for years. The general sentiment was, "Oh my God. Beyonce is totally hitting up Paltrow for divorce intel!" And as it turns out, the masses were right! On the one hand, it's nice that Beyonce is looking to a friend who had, for lack of a better phrase, an exemplary divorce. But on the other, wow, talk about contrived. We've been hearing rumblings for a while that Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage was more business than pleasure, and now, if this is true, it sounds like their divorce is going to be just as meticulously planned.

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It'll of course be a sad day if and when Beyonce and Jay Z announce their split, but if we see them holding hands and "all lovey-dovey" shortly thereafter, it'll be kind of hard to take the last six years of their relationship seriously.

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