7 Things She'd Rather Talk About Than Tom Cruise

Without fail, whenever Katie Holmes does an interview she's asked about Tom Cruise. But she's very patient with these questions about her ex-husband and always answers them. Like in this month's Dujour when she was asked if it was her marriage that stood in the way of her career during those few years she stopped acting. "It's the life of an actor. We don't really have a lot of choice in the matter. You have dry spells, and then you have times when there is a lot of opportunity," she answered, placing no blame on Cruise or her relationship.

It's not the first time a reporter has pried into her past, and it likely won't be the last. Sure, Cruise and Holmes split over two years ago, but whenever she steps into the press she gets bombarded with questions about him. Recently she was even asked if she regretted her marriage to the actor. But Holmes manages the tough questions with class and grace.

Still, she must be so bored of talking about her former marriage when there's so much more she could be talking about. If Holmes had it her way, I bet she'd rather discuss these 7 topics than her ex-husband.


Katie Holmes loves her daughter Suri so much that she admits motherhood played a large part in her break from acting. She tells Dujour, "I totally admire women who go back to work six weeks after giving birth but when she was little, I was not ready. I was a very nervous mother—like, sleeping next to her crib—and I was in that mode for a long time."

Anyone that dedicated to their child would probably love to brag about them and chat about their lives. In the future, reporters should try engaging that side of Holmes more.


Holmes had a role in recently released The Giver so she should get asked about that. Or perhaps she would want to talk about her upcoming projects Mania Days or Woman in Gold. Instead of talking about her return to acting by blaming her husband for her dry spell, how about if reporters talked about the roles she has that took her out of said dry spell?


A walk down memeory lane is fine if it's about the right subject. Instead of making her relive her marriage, ask her about Dawson's Creek, or that fun film First Daughter. What was it like acting as the president's rebellious child? Did she get to go to the real White House? Etc.


Everyone loves OITNB, so having a tie to it instantly makes you cool. That fact that Holmes was considered for the role of Piper makes her pretty awesome. I'm sure she'd love to talk about that, or how she would have played the role differently, or whether she's Team Larry or Team Alex. Okay, who am I kidding? No one is Team Larry. Not even Jason Biggs' wife.


Holmes appeared in a handful of HIMYM episodes, playing Ted's dream girl in a "slutty pumpkin' costume. She might have an opinion on that infamous finale. Let's find out what it is!


Just because she shouldn't be asked about Tom Cruise anymore does't mean all Toms are off limits. Ask her what she thinks about Tom Hanks' new app. Ask her if she's ever met Tom Hiddleston. Heck, ask her if she owns any Toms shoes, I don't care.


Seriously though, anything is probably a more interesting topic to Holmes at this point. If it will save her from another Tom Cruise soundbite, I'm sure she'd be totally down to discuss cumulus clouds or whether it will rain. Just cut her some slack, and let the ex-husband talk go once and for all.

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