Megan Mullally's Getting A 'Parks' Last Hurrah

The seventh and final season of beloved NBC sitcom Parks And Recreation is approaching. With it is coming little peaks into what, exactly, this season will contain. And you can officially check one thing off the bucket list: Megan Mullally's returning to Parks and Recreation , and from the hints we have all signs are pointing to a fitting final chapter for the tempestuous Tammy II.

Mullally, who's half of a real-life awesome couple with Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman, is always a welcome presence to audience members — though less so for the Parks Department. According to TVLine she'll be retuning in the final season's fifth episode, to be called "Ron & Jammy."

Speculation has it that this will mean the episode will involve the (likely romantic) pairing of Ron's ex-wife Tammy II with fellow Parks and Rec villain Councilman Jamm (Jon Glaser). That's a pretty toxic, lethal combination of humans, so my money's on it being really fun to watch. Hell, they might even be soulmates. The title also suggests they'll be bumping up against Ron's life, as usual. Given the massive three-year time jump the show took at the end of last season, it's even possible Tammy and Jamm are already hitched.

A lot is up in the air for this final season: Showrunner Mike Schur said early this summer that Season 7 won't be following the mockumentary style as thoroughly as the previous seasons.

We’re going into the coda season and we’re going to have this fun, weird new world to play with for 13 episodes. It’s just a kind of storytelling we’ve never done before. We just gave that traditional mockumentary format a big middle finger and decided to do something else for the final season.

This Tammy story, at least, proves there'll be some of the old Parks and Rec in there to comfort us.