Any Breakup Is Better Than a 'PLL' Breakup

It looks like a duet is not on the horizon between one Pretty Little Liar and her country singer ex-boyfriend — yes, even if they're broken up, I thought their mutual heartache would be country song gold. It looks like my only closure will be to answer the ultimate post relationship question: why did Lucy Hale and Joel Crouse break up? Come on, you have to admit that they were super adorable posting Instagram pics of their Laker game dates and singing "Let It Go" together, and I was excited to see that Aria finally found someone not entwined in all of the "A" drama. But it looks like the time away from each other and their busy work loads led to the split, which is seriously a shame, because what will Crouse do with his cute Lucy Hale hat now?

A source from Us Weekly confirmed the split in June, saying, "Lucy and Joel are done. It was hard with the distance." Which makes sense, seeing as Hale’s been busy focusing on her music and promoting her country single "Lie a Little Better" at the Grand Ole Opry, along with dealing with a very much alive Alison in PLL’s Season 5. Scary best friends returning from the grave is a lot to handle, OK? It's been a working summer for her so love has naturally taken a backseat, but at least it wasn't something dramatic, like say...

Finding Out He Was Your English teacher!

That would be seriously awkward and immediate grounds for possibly breaking up or possibly keeping the relationship a secret. But at least it also wasn't...

Finding Out He Was Writing About Your Best Friend's Death All Along!

He also knew who you were when you first met, so that makes you question your entire relationship. It sucks, yes, but you're well rid of him.

See? Any breakup reason is better than a PLL breakup reason. At least Hale and Crouse didn't have any of that, and, I guess, I can get some sort of closure from it.

Images: bfelk4/Photobucket; ohmylittleliars/Wordpress