9 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Celebrity's Face

He's an amazing actor with a gorgeous face, sexy body, and beautiful wife and daughter. He's none other then Channing Tatum — and wouldn't you like to wear his pretty face on your legs? If you love seeing images of the stunner from his big screen movie roles like 21 Jumpstreet and Magic Mike, then this new item of clothing needs to be added to your fall wardrobe. Australian fashion label Clashist designed a pair of Channing Tatum leggings, and they're just as magical as they sound. Beginning Boutique, an Australian e-commerce site, is selling the leggings, titled "Channing in Action," for $75. But for all you Tatum admirers out there I'm sure the price, no matter the shipping cost, is actually quite a steal.

The Channing leggings are quite sensational, but they aren't groundbreaking in terms of wearing celebrities on your clothing. From image clad leggings to bodycon dresses, muscle tanks and crop tops, wearing your favorite superstar is becoming seriously common. I mean there are even famous celebrities wearing other celebrities on their clothing, like Macauly Caulkin wearing a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt of him. Uber meta. So in honor of the Channing clad leggings, here's a round-up of the best ways to wear your favorite celebrity.

1. The Zach Galifianakis Bodycon Dress

I would like to formally request an episode of Between Two Ferns featuring this dress.

Zach Fern Bodycon Dress, $80,

2. Snoop Dog Muscle Tank

Snoop Doggy Dogg on your MF tank like everyday.

Screen Printed Fine Jersey Tank - Snoop Gold Frame, $30.00,

3. James Franco Tee

I love James Franco and every image on this shirt.

James Franco Tee, $55.00,

4. Heath Ledger One Piece

Why so serious?

Why So Serious? One-Piece Swim, $109,

5. Naked Miley Shirt

Miley Cyrus normally doesn't wear many clothes, so it makes sense to have her naked on your tee. Plus, this one's for a good cause.

Skin Tee - Miley Cyrus, $35,

6. Nicolas Cage Sweatshirt

That's a lot of Cage on one sweatshirt.

Cage Sweatshirt, $59.00,

7. Channing Tee

If the Channing In Action leggings aren't enough to feed your Tatum addiction, then the matching shirt is screaming your name. Wear them both at once — I dare you.

Channng In Action Tee, $33,

8. Drake Sweatshirt

Started from the bottom now he's here on this crazy sweatshirt.

Drake Wave Sweatshirt, $120,

9. Can't Stop Miley Sweatshirt

If you can't stop loving Miley clothing, then grab this sweatshirt.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Sweatshirt, $59,

Images: All Courtesy