From Weird Al's Medley to That 'Seinfeld' Star Makeout, the 17 Best & Worst Moments of The 2014 Emmy Awards

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They may be 66 years old, but the Emmys haven't exactly changed much over time; no matter how many ways the show tries to switch it up, the ceremony always seems to give its viewers a major sense of deja vu. A dark cable show gets Best Drama; the host makes fun of his friends; Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins something. Yet while the predictability of the show gets frustrating at times, there's a reason for the formula — it works.

And this year's Emmys was no exception. Between Kathy Bates' surprise win, that hilarious, star-studded make out sesh, and much more, the night was filled with moments that spruced up the show — although not all of them for the better. Read on for the 17 best and worst moments of the 2014 Emmy Awards.

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