When Is 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Season 5? There's More 'Sketti in Your Future

Is there any wedding so magnificent as a Honey Boo Boo wedding? I think not. In last week's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo S eason 4 finale, we watched Anna (also known as Chickadee) marry Michael Caldwell in a lakeside wedding that was far less tacky than we imagined a wedding thrown by June Shannon might be — at least, judging by her own commitment ceremony to Sugar Bear last year. But now that the bouquet's been thrown and the cowgirl boots have been kicked off, it's not just the wedding that's over. So is Honey Boo Boo's fourth season, and after witnessing that adorable, super emotional time away from our favorite redneck family seems inconceivable. So when will Here Comes Honey Boo Boo return with Season 5?

No official word has been released by TLC on the status of the show — including a Season 5 premiere date — but Mama June has us covered. We don't know when the Boo is back, but we do know it will be back, thanks to a recent video on Alana's Facebook in which June says, "trust me, we'll be back." The video's caption also reveals that the show is currently in production. Fingers crossed this means Season 5 isn't too far out!

My best guess is that we'll see Alana and co. on our TV screens again sometime later this fall or early this winter. Past hiatuses in between seasons of Honey Boo Boo haven't lasted very long — after all, there were barely three months between Season 3 and Season 4, and I'm assuming TLC wants to ride the Honey Boo Boo wave as long as possible. In a recent press release, the show was named as one of seven series on the network that sustained a viewership of over two million in a year.

And besides, I need answers. How's Mama June coping with life without Anna? Does Alana become the Bindi Irwin of taxidermy? Is it possible for anyone in this family to talk without yelling?

And most importantly, I need to see how Anna and Michael cope with living with Michael's parents. After all, living with your in-laws as a newlywed doesn't exactly seem ideal— especially after they've had a taste of independence sharing their (albeit pretty horrible) house. And as for Michael's 'rents? They don't exactly seem all that amused with the typical antics that the spawn of Mama June tend to get into. Does anyone else smell a spinoff, or is it just me?

Images: TLC