Rob Pattinson Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

It never ceases to boggle my brain how Rob Pattinson, the world's heart throb and the object of everyone's affection, could be so completely and utterly normal. Dude drives beat up old cars, doesn't necessarily have a place to live (I guess that makes him homeless), and we know that he's got the means to from the ridiculous success of the Twilight franchise. But, alas, he is king of regularity, unassuming in his stumbled through talk show appearances and his hunched over posture in front of paparazzi cameras. Instead of his fame-oriented aloofness being a deterrent, it actually makes him that much more appealing and Robert Pattinson's stab at the ice bucket challenge is further proof of that.

Also, it's pretty damn adorable how he just accepts getting pelted on the head with ice and subsequently drowned by the strongest water flow from a hose I think I've ever witnessed. Add that to his studdering due to his inability to think of others to nominate for the same torture and I've just re-solidified him as my most favorite imaginary celebrity boyfriend. But seriously, Pattinson's video didn't come with the bells and whistles of gimmicks or skits like so many other celebrity videos have. And while those have definitely been fun to watch, this one reasserts the Jennifer Lawrence-type of real celebrity is who we love most. In fact, Pattinson's video is actually worse than most I've seen on my Facebook timeline, but that's also what makes it the best.

Check it out below: