Miley Cyrus Won't Be Performing At This Year's VMAs But Don't Worry, We'll Still Be Shocked About Something

Close your eyes. Think of the 2013 MTV VMAs. What comes to mind? If you're imagining Miley Cyrus decked out in flesh colored latex twerking on Robin Thicke, you're not alone. Last year's performance of "We Can't Stop" on the VMA stage officially set the standard on completely unexpected award show performances. Now the question is, will Miley perform at the 2014 VMAs and maybe even try to top her own unforgettable performance? After all, Miley wanted to shock us, and boy, did she. I haven't been able to look at a teddy bear the same way since. Not even when she came in like an actual "Wrecking Ball" were people able to put that performance behind them.

But if you're still scarred from last year's events, don't worry — lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. Miley isn't performing at this year's VMAs, although plenty of other amazing artists are (including Beyonce. Who doesn't love Beyonce?). However, the dream that Miley will once again inflict her tongue-shaped wrath on the VMA audience is by no means an impossible one. Miley hasn't confirmed or denied whether or not she's planning on showing up, but I'd say it's pretty likely. Although she hasn't been announced as a presenter quite yet, only 11 people have, so there's still a chance we could see her take the stage in that form. And, of course, Miley's received a few nominations, so it's possible we'll (at the very least) get to see her on the red carpet beforehand.

Unless, of course, she's still working on making that five-foot bong she's been creating out of gifts from her fans. No, seriously. That is actually a thing that is happening.

And just because we'll be lacking in the Miley department does not necessarily mean the shock value will be turned all the way down... even though MTV has already been warned by the Parents Television Council that they'll be in Big Trouble if this year's awards show any resemblance to last year's. The PTC wrote MTV a letter letting them know that they're totally grounded if they dare repeat last year's "sexually explicit" antics. The word "kerfuffle" was used in their letter, guys. That's how you know it's serious.

Nope, somebody's going to stir the pot, and I have a feeling that person is going to be Nicki Minaj when she performs her latest single, "Anaconda." I'm visualizing a live anaconda and a lot of booty. Nicki, it's all you, girl!

I'm kind of hoping that Nicki's able to pick up where Miley left off. It wouldn't be the VMAs without at least one performance that would make Grandma blush, right?

Image: mileycyrus/Instagram