'RHONJ' Jacqueline's Daughter Ashlee Still Gets in on 'Housewives' Drama

The only thing we love more than our Real Housewives is our Real Housechildren, especially those from The Real Housewives of New Jersey , which is, for better or for worse, all about family. The Manzo siblings are really close-knit, and the Giudice girls are lovable divas, just as their mama raised 'em, but there's no RHONJ spawn who has made an impression on us quite like Ashlee Holmes, the daughter of Jacqueline Laurita.

RHONJ usually portrayed Ashlee, who changed the spelling of her name from the original Ashley, as a bit of a troublemaker whose mother didn't always know how to discipline her. She had a penchant for picking fights with former Housewife Danielle Staub and didn't always seem like she knew what direction she wanted to take her life in, even when her mom and stepdad pressured her to figure it out.

Jacqueline is no longer a full-time cast member on RHONJ, although she's rumored to return for some episodes this season, so we don't know when we'll get to see Ashley next. That means we don't know how long it'll be before we receive a good-old-fashioned Bravo update on her life. Oh well. Lucky you have us to fill you in on all of Ashley's recent comings and goings. You're welcome.

She's a Makeup Artist

Ashlee recently started working at Cafface, the beauty boutique started by Lauren Manzo, which we saw the beginnings of on RHONJ. Deep, down inside, I’m actually happy to see this reality TV business didn’t crash and burn.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Still Hates on the 'Housewives'

Back in Season 2 of RHONJ, Ashlee famously got involved in the weave pull heard ‘round the world when she yanked Danielle Staub’s hair at a Posche event. This sparked nothing short of a digital war between the ladies.

Now Ashlee has words for her aunt Dina Manzo, who has returned for Season 6 of RHONJ. Dina constantly says how she’s all about being “zen” these days, even though she’s going through a nasty divorce. However, Ashlee isn’t buying it and posted this little message to Dina on Instagram, to which Dina tweeted, “just a hint of why I stay away.”

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Still Hangs Out with the Manzos

Whether it’s drinking from a shotski supplied by Bravo or hanging out with Lauren Manzo and friends at the racetrack in this photo, Ashlee is still pretty tight with her cousins. Fingers crossed she makes an appearance on Manzo’d With Children!

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Does Yoga

Ashlee talks about yoga in a few of her posts on Instagram, but I have a feeling the purpose of this photo might not have been to achieve peace in her mind, body, and soul.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She's Still Making Art

On RHONJ, we learned that Ashlee has a knack for drawing, and it looks like she occasionally whips out her pencil these days. Here, she made a very lifelike illustration of Robin Williams in memory of the late actor. She’s one of the few people to appear on a Real Housewives franchise that actually has some talent.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Was in a Music Video

Ashlee rubbed red lipstick all over herself and pranced around in the music video for “Lipstick” by Bim Fernandez, who just also happens to be the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire. Ashlee also did the makeup for the video, which caused a bit of a stir for its chorus (“I know you want my lipstick on your dipstick”) and for insulting the whole Kardashian family. Well, Ashlee is never one to shy away from drama, so she fit in here quite nicely.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Models

Ashlee took a whole bunch of fancy schmancy photos with Couture Boudoir, a photography brand run by photographer Critsey Rowe, where she’s mostly just wearing lingerie. It looks like Couture Boudoir photos are usually intended as a gift for your special someone, but Ashlee posted many of hers on Instagram. If you got it, flaunt it, I suppose.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She's Single

A few of the captions to Ashlee’s Instagram photos that she thinks make her look particularly nerdy, awkward, or unattractive, such as this one where she has an exfoliating mask on in the bathtub, say things like “Date me” or question why she’s single. It looks in addition to her relationship status, today we also learned that Ashlee has a sense of humor.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She Recently Dyed her Hair

We saw Ashlee go through quite the dramatic transformation on RHONJ, going from a brunette to a blonde on Season 4. Recently, Ashlee went from red back to a dark brown shade that more closely resembles her natural hair color. And with extensions too, don’t you know.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram

She's Heading West

Ashlee recently tweeted that she will be returning to Los Angeles in October and then head out to Viva Las Vegas shortly after that. What will she do on the West Coast? We don’t really know, but hopefully she has that figured out before she gets there.

Image: ashleeholmes/Instagram