Beyoncé's Mother Isn't Worried About Them

by Kadeen Griffiths

The rumors that Beyoncé and Jay Z are this close to consciously uncoupling haven't really faded away. It seems like everyone is just playing the waiting game between now and whenever Bey and Jay decide to announce that they're calling it quits. However, there seem to be two people who don't think that Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting divorced any time soon. The first is Beyoncé, who has been using her Instagram to post photographs that would certainly imply that she and Jay Z are just as good as they've ever been. The second is Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mother. TMZ asked Beyoncé's mother what she thinks of the divorce rumors and Knowles answered in a way that should make anyone rooting for Bey and Jay to make it finally relax.

As with most people that TMZ corners on the street, Knowles didn't stop or seem like she really wanted to talk to reporters right now. However, she did noticeably mention that Beyoncé and Jay Z's marriage was "perfect" and that she doesn't pay attention to the "BS" that is being spewed about them on the Internet. It isn't a definitive press conference announcing that everyone needs to stop talking divorce because Beyoncé and Jay Z are nowhere near that level, but it's the most we've gotten about the state of Bey and Jay's relationship from any member of their family so far.

However, since Knowles' unofficial commentary was given in a state of vague irritation, can we really take it as fact? It's more than a no comment, but it's not as reassuring as it could be. After all, this still isn't coming from Beyoncé or Jay Z's mouths themselves and it's about as vague as a denial can get. One could even argue that Knowles is just throwing out the official story so that Beyoncé and Jay Z can deal with their troubles on their own time without ending up on TMZ.

As eager as we are to finally lay the matter of Jay Z and Beyoncé's potential divorce to rest, why aren't we equally eager to admit that maybe, just maybe, they were never about to get a divorce at all? Why are we clinging to Beyoncé changing the lyrics of a song during the On the Run Tour and Elevatorgate as indications of deep marital troubles when any other instance of conflict brewing has been rumors and hearsay? At this point, it seems like people have more or less condemned Jay Z and Beyoncé's marriage to the celebrity chopping block rather than holding out hope that they're going to make it.

Tina Knowles might not be the be-all end-all source on Jay Z and Beyoncé's marriage, but she's as close as we're going to get from the notorious private couple. Maybe it's time that we stop assuming the worst for Jay Z and Beyoncé and start admitting to ourselves that we jumped the gun when we called the time of death on their marriage. The King and Queen of Pop are still allegedly going strong. Let's enjoy it for as many years as it lasts.