'Big Brother' Christine's Husband Covers Ariana Grande's "Problem" & We Wish He Could Sing It to Cody — VIDEO

It might not be Battle of the Block but it could be the battle of the problems. Recently, we discovered how awesome Big Brother houseguest Christine's husband, Timothy Brecht, is. Tim has been killing it on Twitter recently. Since his wife entered the Big Brother house, Tim has been swarmed with haters on the social media site, but has never lost his cool, but instead kept us entertained with his responses. Now, Tim has taken to YouTube to sing about his “Problem”… and not the Cody one.

Tim, who is a member of the band Spider Cider, recently released a cover of him singing "Problem" by Ariana Grande, who happens to Big Brother houseguest Frankie Grande’s sister. While it isn’t as flashy as Ariana’s original version (you know, with the sequined dress, Iggy Azalea, and backup dancers), Tim’s cover is really impressive. I’m not a music expert, but I think I can spot a good tune when I hear one, and Tim’s is great! The cover kind of reminds me of a song that would be featured on The O.C. (R.I.P) soundtracks, which I own all of, so there’s that.

Tim’s take on the cover comes at the perfect time as Cody was zinged Wednesday night about his relationship with Christine. Even though it isn’t said, and it was most likely covered for fun, let’s just pretend that there was a quick dedication in the beginning to Cody. Take a listen for yourself.

Timothy Brecht on YouTube

If you click through Tim’s YouTube channel, you’ll find a few more songs that show Tim’s musical chops. If music isn’t really your thing (…) you should check out Tim’s TV channel on YouTube where he says he plans to “shamelessly exploit” his Twitter fame (and of course interact with fans and friends from Twitter). Here is Tim’s first video to put a face to the tweets that you’ve seen.

@timstinks TV on YouTube

His first post plans to cover the Cody and Christine situation, so stay tuned to the channel for that. Another issue I hope he covers: Is he creeped out by Donny the same way Christine says she is? (I'm hoping for a “no”).

Image: CBS