11 Times Her Husband Was Actually the Best

Christine has really shown her true colors lately on Big Brother. Although Zach accused her of being a floater and she, like everyone else in that room, basically lucked into the Bomb Squad and the Detonators, Christine has stepped up her game and begun manipulating and betraying various members of the household to serve her own ends. This has turned her into a bigger and more effective villain than Zach because her methods are so clandestine that no one can tell that she's playing them until they compare stories later. Nicole and Christine broke up due to Christine's scheming, so with their friendship over and the fans left reeling, is there anyone left on Team Christine anymore?

As a matter of fact, there's still one person who has given Christine his unconditional support: her husband, Timothy Brecht. No matter how you feel about Christine, or what kind of game Christine is playing, Brecht doesn't want to hear about it because he's too busy cheering her on. Now that Christine has finally won an HoH competition and is getting to read a letter from her husband, we'll finally get to see on the show, for the first time since her introduction video, exactly how adorable Timothy and Christine Brecht's relationship is.

But if you, like me, can never wait until Sunday for these things, then here are 11 times that Timothy Brecht proved that he's actually the best husband ever.

1. He wears her hoodies

2. He's thinking about the grandkids

And those grandkids will go on to tell that story at parties, because how often do you get to brag that your grandmother was on Big Brother and your grandfather sharted himself?

3. He can't get over her cuteness

4. He's not worried about Cody

He's joking, of course, but it's good that he's much less worried about Christine and Cody's frequent cuddling sessions than everyone else on the Internet is. His opinion is the only one that matters.

5. He can read her mind

6. He defends her to the end

7. He keeps her game honest

I wonder if Christine is going to have to sleep on the couch after the last week in the Big Brother house, during which she wasn't sincere with anyone except maybe Frankie. Then again, sincerity probably won't win her the $500,000.

8. He's been praying for her to get his letter

CBS ruins everything. Look how long it took them to show Zankie in bed on television.

9. He's preparing for the finale

10. He misses her a lot

11. He has the best sense of humor

Hands down, Christine has the best husband ever.