Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?

After almost five years of idiot domination, it's a privilege to say that a woman's reign has begun on FXX's The League, and when The League Season 6 premieres all we can do is hope that it continues. At the end of Season 5, Jenny MacArthur finally won The Shiva, taking it away from Andre's feeble hands. While her husband is firmly in last place, Jenny is sitting pretty up top and I cannot wait to see how smug she gets now that she has the league's grand prize. Thankfully, I won't have to wait too much long as Jenny and the rest of the league will join us on FXX September 3 at 10 p.m.

So what will next season look like now that a woman is on top and her husband is on the bottom? Well, the gender stereotypes and roles could be switching in the league, especially between Jenny and Kevin in their own household. Kevin should have known this day was coming from the first time he asked Jenny to help him set his line-up back in Season 1 — you know, back when Jenny was essentially barred from the league. The nerve.

But aside from Jenny's gloating, which hopefully won't get as uncomfortable as Andre's or Pete's, what other moments should we see on the show for its upcoming Season 6? The list is endless (if we think about all the football stars I could name), but let's stick to these five near-certainties:

1. The Return Of Shiva

It would be so much fun to see the person who inspired the Shiva back in all her glory. She cursed the league a few years ago after they refused to take off her picture from the Shiva and it led to a very unfortunate bowel emergency moment for all of them (thanks mostly to Taco and not the curse). We need to see more of Shiva as much as possible, especially considering her past with both Kevin and Andre. At the moment there are no reports about whether or not actress Janina Gavankar will reprise her role as Shiva, but I remain hopeful until the end.

2. Taco Being Taco

In Season 5, Taco tried to launch several businesses out of his dead uncle's van. He's also worked as a soap opera actor in Algeria and has consistently done some of the weirdest stuff on television. The actor who plays Taco, Jonathan Lajoie, writes comedy songs on the regular like Ellie's extremely NSFW birthday song he wrote for the show. He also created a fake Kickstarter campaign to help him become extremely rich. So if this is the type of comedy and businessman Lajoie is in real life, playing Taco must come easy, especially since during Lajoie's Reddit AMA, the comedian said that playing Taco basically only requires him to "put on a blank stare, empty my mind, and say the first thing that pops in to my head."

3. More Guest Stars

In the past, The League has featured incredible sports and entertainment guest stars including Seth Rogen as librarian and porn director Dirty Randy, Alia Shawkat as Taco's girlfriend April, Aziz Ansari as a rival doctor to Andre, Lizzy Caplan as Ruxin's sister and more. May that never change. The cast has joked about Christopher Plummer and Judi Dench guest starring on the show and Steven Rannazzisi (who plays Kevin on the series) says he would love to have Peyton Manning on the show. As of now, there hasn't been any major news about guest stars for the new season, but it's impossible to think there won't be famous people popping up all over the place. In my opinion, I'd love for sports stars and celebrities you wouldn't expect to pop up on the show like baseball's little league superstar Mo'ne Davis or even up and coming female comedians like Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Now that Jenny's on top, there need to be more powerful women on this show.

4. Addressing Major Sports Stories

The League has done a good job over the years of including major sports stories in organic and hilarious ways since the beginning of the series starting in Season 1, when the show brought up Plaxico Burress' incarceration. Looks like they'll be continuing this tradition in Season 6 as showrunner Jeff Schaffer told Zap2it The League will address recent NFL news like the HGH testing and NFL's first openly gay player Michael Sam. Though I have to be honest, as glad as I am that they won't be glossing over this information, I genuinely hope they don't resort to homophobic jokes. Stay funny and clever The League, not derogatory.

5. Creating More New Catch-Phrases

This show is famous for coming up with the most interesting, weird, inappropriate and hilarious terms for football and life. From "Eskimo brother" (OK, they didn't make it up, but they did give it a certain panache) to "fear boner" to events like "Terrific Lady Day" The League continues to create iconic terms that have already started to make their way into every day use. I'm hoping now that Jenny has the title, she can start coming up with some fun insults for the guys during her taunts (you know, besides the fantastic way she says "SUCK IT").

Images: F. Scott Schafer/FXX; rorybbellows/Tumblr; picklesandwine/Tumblr; deepinthemeadow/Tumblr