Aaron Paul's 'Breaking Bad' Scavenger Hunt Just Shows How Much He Loves You — PHOTO

Nothing makes me want to say "YEAH, BITCH!" quite like a Breaking Bad scavenger hunt, specifically one sponsored by the one and only Jesse Pinkman himself. In honor of the Emmys and Breaking Bad's multiple nominations, on Instagram Aaron Paul announced he will be holding a Breaking Bad scavenger hunt around Los Angeles. So if you live in LA and you see a bunch of people running around rampantly or fiendishly searching in between tiny cracks in the street... that's why.

In the post that you can see below, Paul explains that there will be all sorts of delightful tokens that would make any Breaking Bad fan go nuts — signed scripts, posters, artwork, dolls — hidden around LA on Monday morning. That's his way of saying "thanks" to all of the Breaking Bad fans (or it's a really, really sneaky closet cleaning strategy. There are only so many Heisenberg bobble-heads one can have).

So, folks in Los Angeles — get ready to embark on a manic hunt on Monday, Aug. 25, right before the Emmys! But be warned: if you find little packets of crystal meth hidden in a tunnel somewhere, there's a mighty good chance that — unless otherwise indicated —it's not a prop from the set. Just sayin'.

Aaron Paul = awesome.


Image: glassofwhiskey/Instagram