Whose Bum Is Amy P. Checking Out?

In one of the new Old Navy TV spots, an Edith Head-esque art connoisseur (played by everyone’s imaginary BFF Amy Poehler) admires a gallerygoer’s fantastic jeans (and fantastic rear end). Edith Poehler (that probably isn't the character's name, but I'm going to run with it) assumes that the jeans are one of the pieces of art on display, and demands that the gallerygoer tell her the name of the visionary behind the garment hugging her behind. So, who is the gallerygoer who can make Edith Poehler want to drop $50k on a pair of $19 Old Navy jeans? A few YouTube comments provided me with the answer I was looking for (and this #tbt confirmed it): The gallerygoer is played by model Anna Christine Speckhart.

Speckhart's gallerygoer knows that when Edith Poehler wants to know who crafted your pants, you tell her. And when Edith Poehler asks you to explain what you mean when you say the words "Old Navy," you explain. And when Edith Poehler wants to ditch the gallery that very moment and hightail it on over to the nearest Old Navy, you don't say you aren't ready to leave just yet. You take her hand and sprint with her. Even if you're wearing skintight mid-rise denim and heels. You do not disobey Edith Poehler:

Image: Old Navy/YouTube