Elisabeth Moss is a Terrible Couples Therapist

With the end of Mad Men approaching all too soon, Elisabeth Moss is gonna have a lot of free time on her hands without the role of Peggy Olson on the show to keep her busy. She could, of course, continue with her likely-to-be very successful acting career, but she could also choose another career path if she so desires. Hopefully, that career path won't be a couples therapist, though, because she's terrible at it. In a new Funny or Die clip, Elisabeth Moss plays couples therapist to Mark Duplass and Ted Danson, who are having relationship problems. It's the normal stuff, y'know: Money issues. Specifically, they can't seem to come to an agreement on how to spend their hard-earned savings ($7,000 worth), because Duplass wants to buy a home, and Danson...well, Danson wants to buy the suit that Prince wore in Purple Rain. How much does it conveniently cost? $7,000, of course.

Now, any therapist really shouldn't take sides in an issue like this — they should instead opt to counsel the couple on how to deal with dealing with their issue in a healthy manner. However, Moss throws that out the window instantly, and sides with Danson, saying $7,000 is reasonable for a Hollywood costume. I won't spoil the rest, but the ending is unexpected, to say the least. And, really, you've got to watch for this screencap alone:

Check out the clip below.

Image: Funny or Die