The "Taco Or Beer Challenge" Benefits Abortion Funds, Is Tastier Than Ice

So, the ice bucket challenge. You've heard of it, right? Robert Pattinson did it. A bunch of people who are really, really bad at picking up buckets did it. But now, reproductive-rights writer Andrea Grimes has a much less traumatic version of the ALS fundraiser: the taco or beer challenge, to raise money for abortion funds.

It's really quite simple. You can either drink a beer or eat a taco, then donate to an abortion fund. But Grimes is pretty non-specific on these rules, explained on the Taco Or Beer Challenge Tumblr. You don't have to call anyone out on camera, and you don't have to be really cold and wet. You just enjoy your damn taco. Or beer. Or both at the same time if you're getting really crazy.

But — and here is the important part — eating a taco or beer does not get you out of ponying up some money. Unlike dumping ice water on your head, eating tacos and drinking beer never, ever a punishment.

Grimes invited participants to video themselves during the challenge and tag it on social media with #tacoorbeerchallenge. She has also been taking submissions on Tumblr and showcasing people around the country indulging in cold brews and warm tortilla-wrapped goodness and explaining which fund they donated to.

On Monday, Grimes expressed her confusion about the viral ice bucket challenge, then proceeded to pose the "challenge" that is actually just my life every single day.

Grimes penned an explanation for RH Reality Check that went beyond the overwhelming joy that is tacos and beer. She thoughtfully laid out the stigmas behind donating to an abortion fund, and was quick to correct them.

Abortion is common. Abortion is normal. And abortion is safest when it is legal and accessible—something abortion funds help to ensure in an increasingly hostile political climate. There’s nothing shameful about having an abortion, and nothing shameful about funding abortion. It’s so not-shameful, in fact, that you can be the kind of regular ol’ human being who eats a taco or drinks a beer and funds abortion.

Well, it turns out there are a lot of "regular ol'" humans willing to rise to the challenge.

And yes, I think even burritos count in this case.

So go drink a beer! Go eat a taco! Go support women's rights! If you're like me, do all three at once!