Best Man Sings 'Frozen's "Let It Go" at Wedding, Is Most Wonderful Person Ever — VIDEO

Go ahead, accuse me. I'm a stereotype. I'll watch a video of a guy singing his best man speech at a wedding set to "Let It Go" because c'mon. Best. Wedding. Speech. Ever. It takes balls and a hell of a lot of charisma to get up there and sing a Frozen parody of "Let It Go" at a wedding. And yeah, I've heard your silent cries for " no more Frozen!! " but for the love of all things related to bromance, listen to this guy sing this song. He wrote it for his bro. The underlying message to this all, of course, is "Frozen brings everyone together."

The video below features Joey Boyes — who is so good at being a best man that he now has his own Twitter trend (#BestManJoe) — belting his heart out at this wedding, with lyrics like, "best man Joe/ says hello/ to the couple with the shining spark." I can't. Can you? Hey, there is a bridesmaid for hire website... is Best Man Joe considering putting his musical wedding party skills on the market? Just sayin'. It's a valuable — and viral video inducing — skill to have.

You can watch the full video below, and if you want to sing along, Ryan Seacrest has generously provided you with the lyrics right over here.

Rebecca Clark on YouTube

Image: Rebecca Clark/Youtube