Dads Can't Handle 'Frozen' Songs Anymore

It's hard to be a parent in the age of Frozen. Disney films almost always spark children's obsession, but Frozen has taken a particularly strong hold — and it's not just the kids who are obsessed. You can't turn on your radio without hearing Idina Menzel belt out "Let It Go" or visit YouTube without seeing the latest Frozen parody. We're totally saturated with Frozen, and while I haven't gotten sick of this adorable Disney movie just yet, I can imagine that there is one group of people who are: Dads with Disney-obsessed kids. These dads took to YouTube to showcase their frustration with Frozen... in the form of a Frozen parody, of course.

The video opens with two carpooling fathers getting their kids (one of whom is dressed head-to-toe in a Disney princess outfit) into the car to head to school. As they do, the dads lament about how Frozen has taken over their mornings (and their lives) with its catchy melodies and ever-on DVD. It's so sad that their parody is set to the tune of Frozen's "For The First Time In Forever," as if it is proof that these dads really can't get these songs out of their heads. It's both a blessing and a curse.

I feel for you, dads, but don't forget that it could be way worse. Be glad that it's not Justin Bieber's music that your kids are obsessed with it.

Image: YouTube