Where Is So Chic In The Kim Kardashian Game? Hint: It's Not In Paris

I doubt this is something everyone can relate to, but I know this has happened to some people besides myself: There have been multiple occasions when I'm visiting my hometown and I'm hit with the disorienting (and embarrassing) sensation of forgetting where shit is in the town I grew up in. Last time I was there, I actually got lost driving to my friend's parents' house. A house that I've been to at least one million times since I was in elementary school. It was not a proud moment. A similar thing can happen while playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood . Your avatar needs to go to So Chic to pick up his or her cut of the store’s sales… but you can’t remember where So Chic is.

Yes, it was your avatar’s first place of work, and yes, it’s the store your avatar currently owns and runs… but the further removed you are from your days of getting grumbled at by Luther and folding clothes at So Chic, and the longer you split your time between your homes in Paris and Miami, the foggier the memories become.

Hm, hm, hm. Where could it be? Don't be fooled by the store's name, for So Chic is not in Paris. The game began in California (as did your employment at So Chic), so it's definitely somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area. It isn't next to the airport, so go ahead and scratch "check LAX" off of your list.

Do you take the bus to Hollywood, DTLA, Beverly Hills, or Calabasas?

OHHHH, right. It's down the street from your first apartment in Downtown L.A. The apartment that's still in your name but you never visit. To DTLA we go! Just click those heels...

...and return home.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (2); swedishfishrule, thanadul/tumblr