WE tv's 'Sex Box' Picked Up & Yes, It's Literally About Couples Having Sex in a Box On Stage

If you were one of the people positively outraged by VH1's show Dating Naked, which is literally about couples going on a first date naked (to be fair, VH1 should have thought that one out more), then get ready to be even more outraged at WE tv: According to Deadline, WE tv has ordered a season of Sex Box to air next year, after the Internet response to rumors about the show's pick-up turned massive — mostly because people couldn't believe that a reality show where people have sex in a box is not only being picked up, but also it already exists in another country.

Hear me out here, though: As someone who has seen mostly every episode of the original UK version of Sex Box (some episodes are on YouTube, if you're interested in tuning in), it's really not as crazy a show as you'd expect. There's no telling how the US version will differ from the UK's version, but if they keep the format relatively similar, it's not as trashy as it sounds. Basically, couples who are having relationship issues agree to have sex in a soundproof, metal box on stage while a panel of sex and relationship therapists — as well as a whole studio audience) sit outside. When the couple is finished, the exit the box, and, immediately post-coital, discuss the experience with the panel. Considering sex is a key factor in bringing any serious couple emotionally closer to one another, it's a pretty understandable concept.

Sex Box has been given a nine episode order, and will air sometime in 2015.

Image: Channel 4