The 'Parks & Rec' Season 6 Gag Reel Is Here

This is the best time of year. No, it's not Christmas. It's Parks and Recreation blooper real time. And it is the best time. Chris Pratt's having a moment with all this Guardians Of The Galaxy hooplah, but here you get to see him in a different one of his elements: As the goofy Andy Dwyer, casually dumpster-diving and telling Nick Offerman about being born a 17-pound baby with a full set of teeth.

Parks and Rec bloopers have long been a glorious thing, and now that we're approaching the seventh and final season we've really got to clamp onto each remaining one. How many more times will Jim O'Heir keep rambling on off-screen without realizing they're in the middle of filming a scene? How many more times will we get to see Nick Offerman's giggle — or his dance moves — break through the hardened Ron Swanson exterior? This show is not long for this world, people, we gotta milk our love of this show for all it's worth.

This video starts with the disclaimer that "this gag reel is incredibly profane. Please don't watch it." Spoiler alert, though: It's not actually that profane, though. It might even be SFW.

Images: NBC