Beyonce Isn’t Sitting With Jay Z at the VMAs So Who the Heck Will Be Next to Her?

In case you haven't heard, Beyonce and Jay Z are definitely but probably not but absolutely maybe getting a divorce. It seems like every day there's a new consensus on whether or not music's royal couple is still intact. Today, the piece of information setting the rumor mill ablaze is a picture of seat assignments for this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. As you can see, Beyonce's place card is set, but next to her is an empty seat. Given the current state of things, many are wondering if she'll be seated next to her hubby or not.

Now I'm no gossip, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little harmless fun pondering who could potentially fill the seat to Beyonce's right other than Jay. I could go boring and suggest her mom, or I could go super controversial and suggest...

Solange Knowles

Sitting with her sister, who kinda beat her husband up a while back, instead of said husband would certainly send a message.

Kanye West

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jay Z and Kanye's beef may have been put to rest, but that doesn't mean chilling with rap's other head honcho wouldn't turn heads.


This would be a completely pointed (and random) way of announcing the split. Jay Z and Nas had one of the most infamous hip hop in the early '00s during the aftermath of the East Coast/West Coast rivalry.

Lyndell Locke

"Who the heck is Lyndell Locke," you're thinking to yourself. Only Beyonce's first boyfriend who totally cheated on her. And, yes, he regrets it.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jay and Drake have had their share of beef this year, so Beyonce cozying up to hip hop's new "greatest" would be mad cold.

Anyone But Jay Z

Honestly, it doesn't have to be someone Jay Z has feuded with for it to mean these two are donezo.