'Witches of East End's Freya & Killian Will Never Get Back Together If Eva Gets Her Way

Well, here's something no Frillian fan really wants to hear. We're more than halfway through Lifetime's Witches of East End Season 2 and Freya and Killian have yet to get back together. Now it looks like it's extremely possible that they never will, cue the "star-crossed lovers" conversation. In the promo for Sunday's new episode, "Art of Darkness," Killian is starting to get more suspicious of Eva's intentions and he's "not going to calm down" about it. Which should prompt all of us WOEE fans to wonder: What if Killian dies before he and Freya can get back together?

During last Sunday's episode, Killian started to realize that there was definitely something funny about the fact that, while he can read everyone else's minds, he can't read Eva's. And, well, it's about damn time he started to notice that she's is up to something. The signs have been there the whole time, but never more prevalent than when Eva was essentially forcing Killian to drink whatever cocktail she made him as if it were medicine. I mean, he and Freya are supposed to be cosmic, supernatural soulmates — there's no way that Killian could resist that pull and stay with Eva without some type of intervention. On Sunday night he's finally going to realize that something's not right with their relationship and he's going to try to get out. "Try" being the key word here.

In the new promo for this week's episode, Killian starts to lose it with Eva and questions what she's been doing to him and she ends up throwing what looks like blood in his eyes. First, we all definitely know for sure that Eva's a total nut job and second, while Killian screams in pain, we can't help but wonder if she'd kill him before she let him go back to his life in the East End. I mean, if she's been feeding him potions and casting spells on him this entire time, it wouldn't surprise me if Eva decided that she'd rather see him dead than have him leave her for another woman.

And in preview photos for Season 2's seventh episode, it looks like the blood or whatever creepy substance Eva threw into Killian's eyes knocks him out completely. Which, again, definitely doesn't spell out a simple, easy break-up and return to the East End for the handsome Gardiner brother.

Killian's dealing with something serious here and unless his soulmate connection with Freya kicks in, she's way too busy dealing with the Mandragora and Dash and all that other crazy shit in the East End to even imagine that Killian's in trouble. I know it'd be a serious injustice, but what if the only Frillian action fans get in WOEE's Season 2 are those flashbacks of their prior relationships? Which would leave us, in the final episodes of the season, with Freya either getting to Killian just in time to save him from Eva's imprisonment or dying in her arms in the season finale. They are "star-crossed," after all — that doesn't exactly spell out a happily ever after when you consider the most famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, both ended up dead.

Don't do this to us, Witches of East End. PLEASE.

Images: James Dittiger/Lifetime (2)