She Delivered A Quick But Lasting Moment

After performing down the rabbit hole at the BET awards, joining Alicia Keys onstage at the VMAs in 2012, and getting an exorcism at the Grammys the same year, it seemed as though Nicki Minaj wasn't into doing anything boring when it comes to performing at awards' shows. And after releasing a steamy and semi-controversial new video for her single "Anaconda," there was no doubt that Nicki Minaj's 2014 VMA performance would also cause some waves. While the performance was extremely brief and not as controversial as getting possessed by a demon, Minaj still did not disappoint.

Ariana Grande started the VMAs off with a performance of "Break Free," which almost immediately segued into Minaj's performance of "Anaconda," which found Minaj lost in the jungle just like in her music video and also featured some ninja turtle dancers. While most of the super quick performance was spent with Minaj strutting around and twerking (as was expected considering the "Anaconda" video), there were a few shocking moments, including the part where one of Minaj's female back-up dancers laid on top of Minaj and fake thrusted into her. The camera immediately panned over to celebrity reactions after this happened and fell on Jennifer Lopez who gave probably the most appropriate and entertaining reaction of all.

I would give everything I had to find out what JLo was thinking at this exact moment. I would say she was possibly shocked, but at this point nothing Nicki Minaj does onstage should surprise anyone anymore. Unless she decides to be normal. That would be the most shocking thing of all.

Images: MTV