The 15 Craziest Emmy Awards Gowns From the Past 10 Years Featuring Ruffles, Sequins, And Cutouts Galore

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Who of us doesn't sit by our computer or television eagerly awaiting the best gowns to come down the Oscars red carpet or to shine in the spotlight at the annual Met Gala? And while oohing and ahhing over stunning looks on gorgeous stars is a dream come true for fashion lovers, isn't it just as fun to be left gasping over the one or two insane looks that manage to make it down the red carpet? So to prepare for the fabulousness (or horror) that's sure to hit Monday evening's 2014 Emmy Awards, let's all take a look back at 15 of the craziest gowns to walk the Emmys red carpet over the last 10 years. Whether they're crazy good or crazy bad, that's up to you to decide.

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